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The Retro Resort at Bonnevilla

Mid-Mod Madness!
Have it made in the shade!

When you stay at Bonnevilla, you can expect to have an epic time! This classic home has truly been brought back to its original glory!

Bonnevilla features a complete kitchen, one full bathroom, and two separate bedrooms. 

When you step into the Green Room, you'll immediately feel as hip as your surroundings and enjoy a luxurious queen-sized bed. Meanwhile, in the Blue Room you'll feel as cool as a cucumber and relax on a bed fit for a king...because it's king-sized!  Then, when you're ready for your bubble bath, you'll be tickled pink to find an original mid-mod pink tub.

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Rental Rates Available via links below

*A one-time cleaning fee of $75 will be added at checkout to each booking

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Book In Person: Bonneville Store in Coleman, TX

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